Happy anniversary to us! The Christian Meditation Center joyfully marks 12 years of dedicated service, reaching individuals worldwide. We continue in our vision and mission to expand our reach and services to train others in the practice of Christian meditation and provide support with our group sessions, book clubs, retreats, Christian counseling, and spiritual direction. We offer a way to be with God that strengthens our relationship with Him and supports our desire to walk by the Spirit, to abide in Him, and to remain in Him.  What we are finding is people who are interested in our training want to practice meditation in their faith tradition. They have expressed gratitude for having a supportive community that aligns with their spiritual practices.

When we began this journey, we concentrated on building the structure of the corporation and all the elements that go along with operating a nonprofit organization. Then we began training people on the benefits of Christian meditation and supported them with opportunities to participate in other events that reinforced their desire to rest in God’s presence.

In 2018, we had a vision to build a chapel and retreat center.  The chapel’s primary purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to come to pray and meditate with God in nature.  The support and guidance of our Lord led us to an architect who shares our vision and is committed to seeing this building project to fruition. Currently, the architect is collaborating directly with the engineering company to finalize the civil design work. Once this refinement is complete, we will initiate meetings with the Pineland Commission and the Township to move forward with our plans.

In the past year, we established the Christian Meditative Practices Coalition, uniting individuals who share a common goal of promoting awareness about the benefits of Christian meditation, also known as centering prayer, quiet prayer, simple prayer of surrender, etc. Our coalition brings together a diverse group of members, including pastors, medical professionals, authors, artists, parents, business owners, and teachers, all of whom actively engage in the practice of regularly resting in God’s presence.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to our dedicated board of directors, volunteers, and financial supporters. Our success is undeniably intertwined with each of you. As we embark on further growth, your continued support becomes crucial in advancing our mission. We invite you to prayerfully consider how God may be guiding you to serve, as your skills and talents can significantly impact our outreach efforts. If you feel compelled, reach out to us; there are numerous ways you can contribute to bringing our mission to more people. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Kindest regards,

Teresa Yerkes,
Founder and President

If possible, kindly consider making a financial contribution. All donations are tax-deductible and directly contribute to advancing our mission. As an all-volunteer organization, we do not incur administrative payroll expenses, ensuring that every dollar goes toward making a meaningful impact. Your support is immensely valued and appreciated.

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