Making Love: The Spiritual Act of Love

Teresa Yerkes’ book Making Love: The Spiritual Act of Love. The book highlights her personal love story and is also a guide to managing sensual desire. She spent four years recalling the last 40 years of her journey with her first love. A love that has lasted under incredible odds in search for a happily ever after fairy tale ending.

The book explores the possibility of having relationships with others while already in a committed relationship without dishonoring those involved. This is Teresa’s real reason for letting you into the most intimate part of her life. She wants others to know it is possible to love more than one person without compromise your values. She believes all love is a gift from God and should be handled with a sense of sacredness. Love comes in many packages and it is important to know what to do once the gift is unwrapped.

Being in love with two people at the same time is a common experience for many of us. Whether you are still experiencing feelings of love for your first love or within another relationship, it can be a time of confusion and frustration. Especially, when you feel there is no healthy way to express those feelings without hurting others. Making Love will help you navigate this tricky terrain with very practical and proven results.

Making Love will answer these challenging questions. What do you do when…

  • love lasts longer than the physical relationship?
  • love becomes painful and unmanageable?
  • love presents itself at inconvenient times?
  • love seems natural and healthy, yet can feel dangerous at times?
  • love becomes obsessive and controlling?

The book will demonstrate that there is a way to stabilize emotions while allowing love to remain. There is freedom on the other side of this struggle.

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Although I have not experienced the struggle of obsessive love, many of my friends have. Therefore, I am a first-hand witness to the psychic pain of being caught in such an intensely maddening maelstrom. That a woman who has been caught in such an impossible situation not only chronicles it but also offers concrete applications to move out of it is truly astonishing! Teresa writes with dispassionate clarity, never from a victim stance, and with raw honesty, taking the reader on her journey through the varying types of love which she untangles and works through with the men in her life. It is written with a great deal of courage! A testament to the healing available to all when motivated enough to put in the necessary time and effort to bring it about!    -Lee

Teresa takes you on a journey of love in this riveting page turner. An honest book detailing her trials and mistakes en route to finding her Eden through years of learning. She’s written, to me, the best book of 2018. It was like a letter sent from God to me at a time of deep self inspection. She gives helpful tips on how to maneuver the some times dangerous territory of emotion and the very real struggle of the flesh vs. spirit. It takes so much courage to write a book like this. It could be like an open wound but you never get that sense in the book. She treats her situations with honesty and delicacy, being profound in her journey and helping the reader better understand theirs. -Barry

First half of the book is an engaging journey through the ups and downs of the author’s love life, which is written in a very relatable way. The second half of the book is the lessons learned and how to navigate love when it becomes tricky, uncertain, or catches you off guard. Beneficial to those who want guidance navigating love relationships and even to those who may want to be prepared before a love relationship begins. – Jennifer

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God Within You: The Case for Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is not a redesign of Eastern meditation. Christian meditation has been practiced for centuries. Christ Himself spent many hours in prayer and just being in God’s presence. You will find this book offers a compelling case for the practice that has changed the lives of so many people. Christian meditation is a practice that brings us closer to God and by the grace of God, to be united with Him. It is in being closer, we find the healing we need and the power to overcome our old nature.